4-LED Orbital Rave Toy - Colorburst

4-LED Orbital Rave Toy - Colorburst
Item# TOYorbitalColorburst

Create amazing light effects with our exclusive Colorburst LED toy, our brightest orbit! Our orbitals have welded nickel-plated steel rings that are much more comfortable to use than thin split keyrings that gouge your fingers! Our nylon cord is thicker, safer and more durable than the thin nylon string used by our competitors. Light elements are held securely in place with a special holder that stops vibration/chattering of the lights which results in faster, smoother spinning! Ring-to-ring span is ADJUSTABLE to lengths of 32", 28" and 24"!

LED microlights: 1 Solid Red, 1 Solid Blue, 1 Sold Green and one Solid Amber.

This item is recommended for ages 15 and up. Adult supervision recommended for younger users.